39 Things You CAN Do on Shabbos

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Imagine you were chosen to star in a big-league sporting championship.

You really want to accept the great honor, but there’s a problem — you don’t know how to play this sport. When you ask a friend for the rules and instructions, he tells you all the things you can’t do but neglects to tell you what you’re supposed to do! Wouldn’t you consider the instructions to be terribly inadequate?

Now, suppose you were chosen to be a part of the nation that was given the great gift of Shabbos. Would you consider it sufficient to study only what you may not do on the holy day, without learning what you should do when it arrives?

That’s where this book comes into play.

39 Things You Can Do on Shabbos takes readers on a journey of discovery — to learn about dozens of uplifting activities one can engage in specifically when it’s Shabbos. Elaborating on ideas from ancient commentators to contemporary writers, from simple expositions to Kabbalistic explanations, Rabbi Shaya Winiarz enlightens readers with the words of the wise, bringing them to a greater and more inspired Shabbos experience.

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